EY Graphics

Found a bunch of expired ink for the large format printer at the office so this happened.

Here are some graphics I made for T-shirts and stickers at Engine Yard. Printed really big.


For Rails Conf 2011

Design Process: Node.js Chat App

In the interest of documenting our design process, I took daily screenshots of the design and implementation of a simple chat app that I whipped up for work with fellow UX Designer Andrew Collins.

Each snapshot reflects the steps we took in implemention, as well as the design desicions and changes that we made along the way.

Wireframe to App

Here is a side by side comparison of the wireframe and the final app.

Steel Pipe Standing Desk

Galvanized steel pipe frame with oak desktop

For my coworker Andrew, I wanted to make a tougher and better looking desk. He had shared some links of tables and bookcases that people had made using plumbing pipes, and reclaimed wood.

Simple Adjustable Standing Desk

The IKEA TV console hack

For my first attempt and building a standing desk, I wanted to do something easy to to make, adjustable, and cheap.


  • IKEA LACK TV unit. ($50)
  • IKEA GALANT adjustable A-frame desk legs ($15 each) and base frame ($30).
  • 6 bolts, 6 washers, and 6 nuts (approx. $5)


  • Drill

Total Cost: $140

Hi There CoffeeScript

Just like in real life, mustaches (in code) tend to make me feel a bit nauseous.

This is why I started having eyes for clean-shaven server side languages like Ruby and Python. If JavaScript’s syntax could be similarly smooth looking, I have a feeling that my attraction to it could increase tremendously.

Rilakkuma in CSS3

I like how San-X characters (like Rilakkuma and Ko-Rilakkuma) are very simple, and yet manage to look very cute. It must be in the proportions (massive foreheads, wide-set eyes, etc.) and smooth shapes.

I tried to recreate Rilakkuma’s face in using the CSS properties border-radius and transform.